What do I.T. Specialists do?

First things first. Despite the title of this infographic, you don’t need to be a dude to work for I.T. My girlfriend works for I.T. at her university, so don’t be discouraged, keep reaching for the stars ladies! It should also be noted that though this infographic may look cartoony, it is actually more informative than humorous. I expected it to be a dig on tech nerds, but really it’s more of an encyclopedic identification of the various duties and specialities that an I.T. employee might have today.

As you can see, this infographic categorizes I.T. people into 8 different groups. Software specialists, programming specialists, tech writers, database specialists, web specialists, and hardware specialists; but believe me, you don’t have to be a specialist in any one thing to have a legit I.T. job. If you do, however, have a speciality in any of these areas, you should strongly consider an I.T. job at your local university or anywhere that has an I.T. department. Today we live in an age that is becoming more and more dependent on technology, so having a hand in the magic makes your company, small business, school, etc. more viable and efficient. Conversely, if you don’t have an especially deep knowledge of one of these topics, but have a fairly good basic understanding of all or many of them, play it up on your resume. Companies that deal with these sorts of techies looooove people who know how to talk to all of them.

Source from http://dailyinfographic.com

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